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Best Places to Visit Nashik: The Mumbai Nashik Cab Service offered by Via Veho that takes you to Nashik. It is also known as Nasik which is a state of Maharashtra. It has a dual identity; one is famous for pilgrimage and the second is for the winery. The city is located on the banks of the Godavari river.

The populous tourist attraction in Nashik is the Panchavati temple complex, Sita Gufa, Muktidham Waterfall and Sula wine yard. Altogether Nashik is wonderful to hang out, So If you have a plan regarding Nashik for the first time don’t worry we are here, you just need to book Mumbai Nashik Cab online on Via Veho Cab Service or you can book by calling on this number
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• Sula Vineyard
Sula vineyard in Nashik is one of the famous vineyards in the country; by visiting there you will get to know about the prominence of it. Different kind of blends is produced here. This the place where vines begin their journey from grapes. It is located ver the rolling hills of Nashik. So If you have a plan to reach there Via Veho Mumbai to Nashik taxi service gets you there so easily.

• Zonkers Adventure Park
It is located near the natural backwaters of the Gangapur dam, it is an ideal place to enjoy, here you will get artificial rock climbing, rappelling, go-karting, zip-lining, Atv, Archery, Rope activities, and much more exciting things are there.

Best Places to Visit Nashik

• White Water Rafting
There are so many things to enjoy in Nashik, but white water rafting is something no one can miss it, this camp zone held on Vaitarna river, this camp provides the best facilities for an exciting experience, as well as you can get the wonderful experience of cliff jumping and swimming everyone should try this at least for once in life.

• Saptashrungi
The saptashrungi is the holy place located approximately 60 km from Nashik. It is an abode of goddess Bhagwati according to mythology. Every year uncountable travelers and pilgrims visit here. There are around 108 water lavers on the mountain.

• Pandavleni Caves
All the people who love to have thrilled and like to face adventures, an enthralling experience waiting at the Pandavleni caves in Nashik. If you want to climb a mountain then this the place for you as it is located at the height of 300ft. these caves are also for them who love peace and love nature. So If you are planning so hurriedly book the cab of Via Veho Mumbai Nashik taxi Service and reach your desired destination as soon as possible.

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