Tourist Places to visit in Konkan Coast: If you are searching for Best Tourist Places to Visit in Konkan Coastline. then we should say you are in the right place, here we are going to discuss beautiful places in Konkan, Konkan beaches, tourist places in Konkan, places to visit & see in Konkan and we also let you know what is the best time to visit in Konkan.

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Konkan Coastline

In this post, we talk about Konkan tourism so we are going to cover the following topics:

  • Konkan Beaches
  • Tourist Places in Konkan
  • Places to visit in Konkan coast
  • Places to see in Konkan
  • Mumbai to Konkan distance
  • Beautiful Places in Konkan
  • Best time to visit in Konkan

Konkan Beaches

Konkan has so many beaches and Shrivardhan is one of them. It’s a Taluka city. Shrivardhan developed into a seaside resort, along with the nearby town Harihareshwar.

Other beaches such as Diveagar Beach, Kondvil BeachAravi Beach, Velas Beach. People visit  Shrivardhan and the beaches all year from Maharashtra.

Actually Konkan Beaches are famous all over India, 30% of the population speak  Konkani. And the Konkani cuisines are the best dishes prepared by them.

Beautiful Konkan Beaches
Konkan Beaches


The foremost in-demand places to go. Here includes Kondvil beach and Diveagar beach, where you’ll relish sunsets, have long walked and skilled the rattling Konkani preparation

The distance for Mumbai to Shrivardhan is 185km only. So if you are planning to visit Shrivardhan for the first time, don’t worry we are here. we provide you the best Cab service. You just need to book your cab from the ViaVeho taxi service.

Tourist Places in Konkan

There are several Tourist Places in Konkan and alibaug is one of them. Alibaug is the coastal town in Raigad District of Maharashtra. It is the Headquarter of Raigad District.

Alibaug has the best places to visit, It is famous for the Tranquil black sand beaches. You must visit Water Sports in Alibaug Beach, Kolaba Fort, Nagaon Beach, Murud Janjira Fort, Brahma Kund etc etc….

Tourist Places in Konkan
Tourist Place in Konkan


 Water Sport In Alibaug –  There are many water sports that you can enjoy in Alibaug at a reasonable price, Parasailing and Banana ride are the most famous water sport.

  • Kolaba Fort – It is one of the Tourist Places in Konkan which exists in the middle of the sea. Surrounded by the Arabian sea waters from all sides. Kolaba Fort is one of the most important tourist attractions. The best time to visit here is from Nov to July because of the pleasant weather. Just book your desired cab from ViaVeho Taxi Service. 


  • Murud Janjira Fort –  Turquoise-colored water surrounds this. Murud Janjira is located on an island of the coastal village of Murud. You must visit this fort because it is one of the best Tourist Places in Konkan. if you are traveling to the Konkan coast in Maharashtra. There are many local modes of transport to travel from one city to another. but it may be quite difficult to travel with kids, so it can resolve the problem by booking Cab Service in Mumbai.
  • Brahma Kund – Brahma Kund is 20km away from Alibaug. It is a spectacular rectangular-shaped Kund surrounded by the steps on all 4 sides. People believe that the water in the Kund was collected by constructing walls when Lord Brahma bathed Lord Krishna in an era bygone.

Places to visit in Konkan coast

There are several beautiful places to visit in Konkan coast and Ratnagiri is one of the most visited place on them.

Ratnagiri is a port town in Maharashtra. It is the paradise for the history lovers.

Ratnagiri has a various range of tourist attractions in the form of monuments, temples, and beaches. The beaches are the most popular ones. Some of the famous sand trails are Jigad Fort, Ali Museum, Thiba Palace and etc ….

Places to visit in Konkan coast
A place to visit in Konkan coast


  • Jigad Fort – Jigad Fort is also known as the fort of victory and 16th-century Marvel of Maharashtra. It can be found at the top of cliff overviewing the Jigad creek where River Shastri lead up to its journey into the Arabian sea. it is one of the Places to visit in the Konkan coast.
  • Ali Museum – This Museum is maintained by the Archaeological department. it is famous for being the ancestral house of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak. The museum has many exhibits in terms of painting and photography. You must visit this museum for better knowledge about freedom struggles.
  • Thiba Palace –  The Thiba Palace is a major place of attraction in Ratnagiri. People also know this as the palace of king thiba from Brahmadesh. It is a huge Brahmi palace with a marble-floored hall. Because of its attraction, it has become one of the Places to visit in Konkan coast.
Places to see in Konkan

Dapoli is one of the Places to see in Konkan. This rough city is at the Sahyadri hills and infrequently referred to as “mini Mahabaleshwar” as the climate is cool throughout the year.

This city encompasses a history of British settlements before independence and therefore a pleasant melting pot of cultures is found even currently. Close to several stunning beaches around, this is often a perfect option to select places to go  in the Konkan coast.

Places to see in Konkan
The place to see in Konkan


The Anjarle beach is on the brink of Dapoli by a couple of kilometers and it’s each the ocean and forests within the same location. At one will explore ancient temples just like the Keshavraj and Vyagreshwar temples.

Trying water travel at the backwaters, select Dolphin sightings, explore caves and go trekking within the forest. This place delights you with its hidden wonders, simply waiting to discover. that is the reason it has become one of the Places to see in Konkan.

Beautiful Places in Konkan

There are so many Beautiful Places in Konkan and Amboli comes top of them. This is the last hill station before one reaches the state. if traveling towards an equivalent from urban center seated within the Sahyadri vary, enclosed by grass growing luxuriantly inexperienced hills.

This city is associate eco-hotspot thanks to the abundance and sort of flora and fauna.

According to native legends, around 108 Shiva temples are going to pretend and that they are still getting discover until recent years.

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Beautiful Konkan Beaches
Beautiful Place in Konkan


The rainfall is incredibly serious. nonetheless, it makes this one of the Beautiful Places in Konkan. It becomes more beautiful and lovely as nature around is wet through and revive within the showers.

Cascading waterfalls are found in abundance and also the Hiranyakeshwar temple, set in an exceeding cave at the supply of the Hiranyakeshi stream, is that the most well-liked holidaymaker destination of the place together with the wild around. that’s why it is a Beautiful Place in Konkan.

Mumbai to Konkan distance

The Distance between Mumbai to Konkan is 309km. which takes approximately 6 hours. there are four ways to travel.

Sometimes people travel to Konkan by Konkan Kanya express, but the easiest way is by road.

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Best time to visit in Konkan

The entire Konkan has Humidity and there is substantial Rainfall from June to September. The best time to visit in Konkan is from November to February as the temperatures are somewhat milder with less Humid conditions. People who can’t endure Hot and Humid conditions, December and January months are the best time to visit in Konkan.

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